BDMA Training & Reference Module

BDMA Training & Reference Manual

The BDMA Training & Reference Module can only be purchased by individual BDMA Associate or Accredited Members.

The manual consists of two volumes compromising the main Training & Reference Module and a Revision Booklet with Questions & Answers

This is an invaluable guide for damage management practitioners with comprehensive learning material and valuable information covering industry practice across a wide range of topics.  The BDMA Training & Reference Module is an invaluable tool for practitioners.

Members are required to own a registered copy of the manual prior to sitting examinations at Technician and Senior Technician levels.

Members may also be required to own a registered copy of the manual prior to attending certain core BDMA Training Courses.

All modules carry a serial number and are registered to the owner.  Ownership entitles members to discounts in certain circumstances.

If you are a BDMA Member, or have submitted a membership application, or have registered on a training course which requires you to own a copy of these manuals, please order your copy here


The BDMA Training & Reference Modules are priced at £50 + VAT.

They must be ordered directly from the BDMA.