Recovery Magazine Advertiser Booking

Recovery Magazine Advertising

Use this form to book advertising space in the magazine
  • Discounts are available for series bookings, and payment will be required in advance of publication as a condition of the agreed discount. Once a price has been agreed for a series it will be held for three years providing you renew the series as soon as it expires and continue advertising in consecutive issues
  • If you have booked for more than one issue, you can vary the size during the series. Please select the size of your first advert/s here.
    * There may be a small administration charge for web listing. **PLEASE NOTE: The social media option is only available for adverts booked in the magazine and listed on the BDMA website
  • 1. If you have discussed and agreed a price, enter it here. 2. If you are renewing a series at the same rate, enter 'repeat'. 3. IF THIS FIELD IS LEFT BLANK your advert will be charged at the current rate card price.
    *An additional charge may be applied if we are required to carry out alterations or create artwork on your behalf.
  • As an advertiser you are entitled to 100 free copies of the magazine for your own distribution. Please indicate the number of free copies you wish to receive.