BDMA e-Learning Construction Techniques

The BDMA e-Learning Construction Techniques may be purchased direct from the BDMA. The BDMA e-Learning Construction Techniques aims to enable a greater understanding of building materials and construction methods, providing practitioners with knowledge that will reinforce their existing skills and enhance their ability to deliver professional damage management solutions.

BDMA flooding self help sheet

This explains what flood victims can do in the immediate aftermath of flooding without prejudicing their insurance claim, while awaiting instructions from insurers. At times of high demand, being able to move things forward while awaiting instruction from an insurer can help to reduce further damage and give victims a valuable focus. Download this leaflet  

BDMA Training & Reference Module

The BDMA Training & Reference Module can only be purchased by individual BDMA Associate or Accredited Members. The manual consists of two volumes compromising the main Training & Reference Module and a Revision Booklet with Questions & Answers This is an invaluable guide for damage management practitioners with comprehensive learning material and valuable information covering industry…

Record of flood recovery activity

Keeping a record of work carried out allows flood victims to track progress and identify any areas of concern. This document will allow victims to keep a record of work carried out by contractors they have appointed. This enables them to satisfy themselves the recovery of their property is progressing satisfactorily. A competent professional contractor…

The Standard – Media Kit 2018

Established in 2018, The Standard’s mission is to bring into focus the interests of practitioners and members working in the damage management industry, by offering industry training and education insight, sharing advice on standards and representing the specialised work and skills of professionals working within this sector. Find out our advertising rates, our audience, and…

The Standard August 2018 Edition

Welcome to the second edition of The Standard, the quarterly magazine from the British Damage Management Association (BDMA). The overarching theme for our August edition is technology. We are looking into how technology affects the wider insurance industry, exploring current trends, challenges and what the future may hold. Read the August edition here.

The Standard March 2019 Edition

The fourth edition of The Standard is based on treating customers fairly in the wider insurance industry. It explores industry advancements of providing superior customer outcomes and how we can push this even further.   Read the March edition here.

The Standard May 2018 Edition

The very first edition of The Standard, the new quarterly magazine from the British Damage Management Association (BDMA). Our overarching theme for the May edition is collaboration, a topic that stood out as imperative to the speakers and attendees of The BDMA Conference in November last year. We are celebrating the importance of a collaborative…

The Standard November 2018 Edition

The third edition of The Standard focuses on the environment and how the wider insurance industry can make a positive difference by committing to sustainable claims management and business operations. Read the November edition here.

Understand basic flood recovery procedures

This document will help flood victims prepare for recovery work and understand what a professional contractor may need to do. It explains some of the procedures that may need to be carried out to recover flooded property and should give those affected a better understanding of what to expect from professional contractors. This can help…