Inside the BDMA e-Academy: Construction Techniques  

13th July 2018 Author: BDMA Category:

Working in property damage management you are faced with many different building materials and construction types daily. These of course are ever evolving with technology continuously developing. In t...

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Inside the BDMA e-Academy: Damage Management Technician

4th July 2018 Author: BDMA Category:

With the damage management and wider industry constantly evolving, it is imperative that technicians are knowledgeable and continuously updated in the ever-changing trade. When a damage management tec...

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How can the damage management industry positively impact the environment?

20th June 2018 Author: BDMA Category:

Whilst industrialisation is important for the economic growth of the construction sector and associated industries, it can also be harmful to our environment. With climate change being a major concern...

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Continuously upskilling the damage management industry

13th June 2018 Author: BDMA Category:

Building materials and technologies are ever evolving. Consequently, the ways in which the damage management industry develops to meet the standards and requirements of the wider supply chain needs co...

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How are we treating customers fairly?

5th June 2018 Author: BDMA Category:

The Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) policy was introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) back in 2016. It was brought into play in order to raise the standards of the way companies carry out...

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The Importance of Health & Safety

23rd May 2018 Author: BDMA Category:

You may be well aware that health and safety regulations in the damage management industry are becoming tighter and that the Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations are now mandatory. On ...

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Steps to ensuring GDPR compliance

2nd May 2018 Author: BDMA Category:

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into play on 25th May 2018, many organisations are looking to clean and protect their data to ensure compliance, and the damage management ind...

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Education is a constant process

23rd April 2018 Author: BDMA Category:

The damage management and wider industry is constantly evolving and the need for continuous education is as important as ever. Training is a key element of any practitioner’s career and should be re...

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The benefits of a BDMA membership

9th April 2018 Author: BDMA Category:

Damage management and the associated trades comprise a highly competitive market. This means the necessity for uniform standards of care and codes of practice are essential in the success of an indust...

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6th December 2016 Author: BDMA Category:

Claire Johnson looks at the growing demand for BDMA training and the different ways in which the Association is supporting the education of its members and the wider industry     BDMA TRAINI...

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